Welcome to our home!
In the past years we have taken care of hundreds of guests visiting Paris for pleasure or for business. We have learned a lot, on how to please our distinctive guests, by offering beautiful rooms, a very nice breakfast, and a lot of tips where to go, what to do and how to get there. We have learned to listen to our guests and have spent hours at the breakfast table chatting with them. Our guests originate from all over the world. So we feel like travelling every day, from South Africa to Norway, and from Japan to Argentina.. We have made great and true friends all over the world. The experience gathered in these first years, has enabled us to improve our service even more!

We offer you beautiful rooms right in the centre of Paris in our home. Rooms personalized by our taste, often found all over the world during one of our trips. We are not a hotel, so do not expect the services some hotels offer you. We do offer you a personal welcome, and a warm home away from home! It is a joy and an enormous pleasure to receive you as a guest in our home, A room in Paris! We hope to see you soon!

Thierry and Peet

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